What is our scope?

We specialize in function improvement of the nervous system in the broadest sense of the word. We try to improve the performance of the brain or strengthen. This includes the attention mainly to complaints related to problems as whiplash, migraine/headache, (mild) brain injury and dizziness.

What is our raison d'être?

In the current health care system is little to no attention to functional (neurological) trainings or treatments, besides medicines, of things mentioned above. It forms our niche within the current health care system. The desire of the modern patient to better/optimum healthcare changes and requires an individual approach. Offering different, minimally invasive, treatment options will fit in the current market.

The rehabilitation method will be directed to the improvement of impaired function of the nervous system. The rehabilitation/training programme offered is combined with the properties of the nervous system to adapt to this new function. Assuming the adapting ability of the nervous system will maintain the improvement provided that the conditions are present.

In addition, the patient is closely involved in the process and the progress itself under control. This involvement in itself activates other specific parts of the brain which further increased the chance of success can be. Use is made of baseline measurements, interim and final evaluations, what the progression into focus can bring.

What meaning we have for our patients?

Functional neurology offers a modern approach to health care which the normal physiological function of the nervous system is pursued. This can be achieved by addressing the specific function with a correct dosage. There are different parameters will be determined so that an optimal dosage can be adjusted. In individual patients will be individually measured and set. This is in contrast with the current care in which a treatment is usually set at an average value.

Every person is unique, partly due to the functioning of the brain. 100 billion neurons with potentially several thousand connections per neuron gives the countless possibilities of the human brain somewhat weather. When setting up a rehabilitation project of the brain will the extent to, the location and the function to be determined. It is therefore tailored service.

We are able to analyze and locate exactly the complaints in such a way that a functional rehabilitation applied can be. The emphasis is on the pathogenesis of the nervous system which symptoms are only an expression of the underlying problem. That will reasonably controlled and (Interim) be evaluated.

What are our standards, values ​​and beliefs?

Each body cell is subject to change. Similarly all nerve cells, the neurons. Neurons have the particular property that their function determines the shape. In other words, the structure is subject to change which is dependent on the task that calls for is. In addition, subject to the condition that the neuron sufficient substrate (nutrition, oxygen) and activation needs to perform optimally.

Activation can not unlimited. Too many activation gives a crossing of metabolic capacity allowing the neuron deteriorates in function and may eventually disappears. Insufficient activation causes a disturbed metabolism in the neuron through which it will eventually cease to exist. In this respect, the function of the neuron lost.

Previously it was assumed that the adult brain possessed a fixed structure and function. However, this has not proved the truth. The brain is to change in form and function. Of this property is used in the rehabilitation.

A nerve cell can create new connections with other neurons through stimulation. Each neuron has its own function, so can combine learning a new connection features.

Examples of this are things like brain infarction and/or brain hemorrhage. Given the location of the lesion, one would expect that certain functions are lost. However appear nearby neurons can take over this function provided that the brain to do this is put on. There are reports from the science which demonstrate that the human brain is capable of even new neurons.

What are our intentions and ambitions?

Treatment of persons, in all age categories, who suffer from dizzy spells, WAD, concussion / contusion, headache / migraine. The aim is to create a well-known and leading method of treatment of functional neurology in care. The FN method will become part of a regular ability in the health sector in The Netherlands.

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