The chiropractor is a university-trained experts in the field of spine complaints. Within the chiropractic exist, just as in medicine specializations.

Functional Neurology is one of these specializations. Chiropractors with this specialization enable the nervous system (brain and spinal cord) central to their analysis and interventions.

FN chiropractor has several options to achieve improvement of signs and symptoms. These options or interventions are based on modern scientific research from different scientific fields. Whether one is now diagnosed with a pathology or that the symptoms of milder (but no less vehement!) nature, the FN chiropractor will start looking for where there is improvement for you.

Typical examples of complaints which pathology is not always clear, but in which a functional neurological approach can be extremely valuable:

Many of these complaints can improve through targeted training. If medication or other medical act is deemed necessary or can help to support the rehabilitation then will notify you and refer the FN chiropractor.

An important concept in the approach Functional Neurology is that of ' neuroplasticity '. Nerve connections in the brain are 'plastic' because they can change by sensory, motor, cognitive or emotional experiences/stimuli. Simply put, where you will be exposed to shows changes in the nervous system.

The basis of the entire nervous system is a single cell, neuron called. The human body contains approximately 100 billion nerve cells each with a specific function and connections with other neurons, which form an extensive network.

Previously, the adult brain was considered unchangeable. Now we know that all these nerve cells have to change his. As an example, by repeatedly stimulating neurons can produce the chemical signal fabrics (neurotransmitters) be raised by the "speaking" neuron. The "listening" neuron reacts with the increased development of the number of receptors (receivers).

A neuron can make new connections (synaptogenese), even in a distant area (neuronal migration). This is how we learn new skills and where the expression 'practice makes perfect' applies.

Rehabilitation of the nervous system
The basic condition of functional Neurology is to support healthy neuro plasticity of the nervous system by right stimulation and nutrition. Treatment aims not only protection but also optimize the nervous system/brain. Even a malfunctioning nervous system possesses the ability to rehabilitation, often with permanent improvement.

It is important to know that neuroplasticity may also act in a negative sense. As a part of the brain is not stimulated, takes the production of neurotransmitters and receptors af, connections between neurons reduced or lost remote and finally the corresponding neuron will die. The saying 'peace rust "applies in this regard.

Educating Functional Neurology
After the positive conclusion of the basic chiropractic training can the ' post-graduate education and specialization Functional Neurology be started. This education focuses on deepening neuroanatomical and neurophysiological knowledge which, besides attention for diagnosis, much time is devoted to applying this knowledge in clinical practice.

A minimum of 300 contact hours is necessary for taking an aptitude test at the NOCA accredited organization ACNB. Every year should be at least one 50 contact hours to be used for the maintenance of the title DACNB (Diplomate of American Chiropractic Neurology Board). Besides each contact hour is approximately 2-3 hours of self-study necessary to achieve successful completion of the exam.

The final exam is a combination of practical skills and theoretical and clinical knowledge. Where this is successfully completed one may call oneself Diplomate of the American Chiropractic Neurology Board (DACNB) of Fellow of the American Board of Functional Neurology (FACFN).

After this "basic" training there are through the American College of Functional Neurology to follow further floors such as vestibular rehabilitation, neurodevelopmental problems in children, neurochemistry and nutrition, electro diagnostics and traumatic brain injury. The FN chiropractor is also his / her life working on improving further, both practical and theoretical.